Leman Aesthetic Clinic

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Leman Aesthetic Clinic was born with the aim of offering our patients in the Lake Geneva region all the skills in the field of cosmetic medicine and surgery combined in a single structure. You will find a place where listening and empathy are paramount values.  At Leman Aesthetic Clinic we provide treatments using the latest techniques and technologies and we are constantly looking for new products to always offer you a service at the forefront of innovation.

The   Dr. Daniel Haselbach   and  Dr. Daniel Espinoza  , founders of LAC, have known for over 10 years.  They share a very human vision of medicine and believe that each patient must be considered individually and benefit from personalized care, without any prejudice.

And because there is strength, we believe that the joint work of two medical specialists is of great benefit to our patients.  This, as much in the evaluation, with two opinions of specialists available, in its treatment, with a considerably shortened operating time, then during the follow-up, with increased availability and flexibility.

Leman Aesthetic Clinic

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